Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Driving Saka

Is your guy have this driving saka only at car park? Seriously every time we were at the parking bay his saka will appear. Idk, he was the safest driver when we were best friends. Now he's driving me nuts. 

Is your guy have this driving saka?


"I hate it when you point out my weaknesses." - Me.

                                              "Well you point out my weaknesses all the time." - Him.

"Well, a relationship is about to reach out the best of us... " - me.

                                             "Hahahahahaha!!" - him


I haven't finish talking...... 

Miss Me

"Morning.. You didn't call me this morning?"

"I know you'll be sleeping in the car. And second, I'm waiting to hear your sweet voice saying you miss me."

Suddenly voice changed.

"Of course I miss you, that's why I'm calling.. Dah makan?"

I giggled at the back. 

"Nah... Try again tomorrow. You're not sweet enough."