Saturday, November 9, 2013


"Awak, saya nak cakap lagi." I know he was sleepy but.

"Okay. Cakapcakapcakapcakapcakapcakapcakap."

How cracked was that? At the corner, I yelled.

The man that can drive you insane at any time is the man you in love with him. It's perfect.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Driving Saka

Is your guy have this driving saka only at car park? Seriously every time we were at the parking bay his saka will appear. Idk, he was the safest driver when we were best friends. Now he's driving me nuts. 

Is your guy have this driving saka?


"I hate it when you point out my weaknesses." - Me.

                                              "Well you point out my weaknesses all the time." - Him.

"Well, a relationship is about to reach out the best of us... " - me.

                                             "Hahahahahaha!!" - him


I haven't finish talking...... 

Miss Me

"Morning.. You didn't call me this morning?"

"I know you'll be sleeping in the car. And second, I'm waiting to hear your sweet voice saying you miss me."

Suddenly voice changed.

"Of course I miss you, that's why I'm calling.. Dah makan?"

I giggled at the back. 

"Nah... Try again tomorrow. You're not sweet enough."

Friday, April 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum & Hello! 

 I've been working on new jubahs, dresses, and a baju kurung. Some of it are under Statuesque Veranda. Quite tiring to do all alone but we'll see if I can get people to help me. By the way, I've changed my blog's url to Sew Buxom! It was inspired by a sewist blogger "Sew What"(sounds like "so what" right?) . Apparently, all the words I have tried; Sew Gorgeous, Sew Beautiful, Sew Happy, Sew Awesome, Sew Amazing, Sew Yummy, Sew Marvelous, Sew Pretty, Sew Lucky, Sew Geek, Sew Nerd, Sew Freak, Is That Sew, Sew Tempting, and so forth. And I actually ended up choosing "Sew Cliche" because everyone are using "Sew ....". Hah! It was taken too. You can try if you want to. So, "Buxom" means... (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively. Yeayyurs! Hmm. I think I've been a "sewist-holic". And now the purpose of having this blog is to share my collections and passions. But I've been making for others and I haven't since get my time to make mine. Maybe.. this weekend? I would like to share what I've made since last week. 

 #1 Basic Jubah with Border Lace


I made this for a girl named Mareena. This is in amaranth pink, a jubah with princess seam. You love it?

#2 Basic Jubah in Dark Turquoise

This is my friend Kim. Yes it is almost similar as above except this comes with no laces. For Basic Jubah I provide a button and a 10 inches zipper on the sleeves, and hidden pockets on both sides.

#3 Jubah with Laces

This is for Dinat (right). The design are the same as #1, but I'm using her material except laces to make this.

#4 A Lovely Dress for Arina

Arina is a girlfriend of my partner in Statuesque Veranda. He wants to give her something for their anniversary and asked me to make a dress for her. This is my first attempt to make a different style of dress. This is a combination of knit and chiffon fabric. The color of both are slightly different but when combine, it made a really beautiful color. Usually, I follow the standard size to make clothes for my customers. Like S, M, L, and etc. But I have to make a little adjustment on the measurement to match with Arina's body size. It was difficult at first, but I'm glad I made it. This is a princess seam dress, and I made a full circle skirt on the bottom part. I was thinking to produce circle skirts soon, but the costs are quite high. It uses more length of fabrics comparing to normal, flare, skirts. 

#5 A Princess Seam Baju Kurung

This is for Seri. A repeat order from her. I made her an SV Signature Jubah previously. She really loved it. I'm happy!

#6 A Jubah for my aunt, Tila.

What you see is unfinished jubah, because when I take this picture I haven't finish doing the neck and hemline. Tila wanted a jubah with no darts and she asked me to make bishop sleeves with 5 inches cuff and laces. 

And #7 A Simple Cardigan

In the previous post, I shared with you the dress I made for myself. Well this is the cardigan! I'm using knit fabric to make this. 

Okay enough.

What actually makes me happy is when people liked and loved what I have made for them. I feel appreciated and it makes me want to do more. And sewing was like a therapy. I feel calm and peace and I spent a lot of time at home. The bad side is I haven't been going out to meet my friends for quite some time. I kind of miss it.

Anyway, I've been learning everything from books and internet. If I have extra cash I would definitely go to class. Maybe not now. 

I would like to get sewist friends from all around the world, to share knowledge and passions. I hope to hear from you soon! I'm still learning to decorate my blog though. I'm so jealous to see other bloggers have a really nice blog. 

Okay, feel free to drop your comment. Much LOVE!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hellooo :)


Sebulan sekali je ber-blog ni. Rajin ke orang ber-blog sekarang ni? As usual I was pretty busy with my day routines. Alhamdulillah Statuesque Veranda berkembang dari sehari ke sehari. I know how to make jubahs, skirts, and dresses now. I'm so happy. Baru pagi tadi test buat cardigan. It turned out, just okay since the fabric was like has a bit transparency. I wore a dress with a cardigan today, attended a birthday gathering at Seoul Garden, Paradigm mall.

This is the dress I made for myself. Not for sale. I did some gathers on waist because I love flares. The top was quite simple since I wear hijab so it's not necessarily to add many designs but perhaps, in future I might add it just for self-satisfactions.

I've been socializing with my favorite Singer 160 machine and sometimes I even talk alone. Sewing is fun! But I know i have to balance with real world definitely. 

Last month was my birthday, and Afiq made a post-birthday gathering for me at Bubba Gump, The Curve. I really appreciates everything he does for me. I got a Fujifilm Piano Black 50s as a birthday present. Deeply madly in love with it.

Thanks love! :)

Life so far was really great. I'm happy for what I'm having now. Afiq had been better and better for me and I just wish I could do the same for him. He is the best, best friend in the world. Who doesn't love a guy whose willing to spend time with you to do your thing? Eh not willing, but interested to spend time with you. He was there, every time. He knows everything about my sewing stuff, what I like, and what I looking forward to buy. He is very special to me. Okay enough about him, some things are meant to keep to myself. he he.

Last but not least, get yourself a copy of Hijabista April 2013. I was in it. Ecece. Well I did it for fun and not so active anymore compared to last time.

Hijabista April 2013

By the way, feel free to browse our website at to see our products! I made pretty and practical designs and good quality apparels. Till then :))

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Vision


Assalamualaikum. Photos for Statuesque Veranda's clothing line will be up soon. I made a few outfits for my collection. I am slowly inventing/innovating new designs.

You know, it wasn't easy. Everything I've done on my own. But I know I'm lucky to have few friends that helped me a lot; my heartbeat Afiq, Hakim the photographer, and Amir my investor. I have a vision. In order to realize it I have to achieve few goals. It's tough. And when I start to work in an audit firm it's gonna get tougher. But when it gets better and when I become successful one day, I will remember these days and will never forget those who were with me.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Hijab, Perception, and Judge

Assalamualaikum my dearest friends,

It is a blessed Friday and I wish all of you in a good health. Thank you Allah for giving me another day to breathe, share and live my life with beloved ones.

I would like to share my thoughts in regards of hijab, perception, and judge. When I started wearing hijab, that's the point I reorganize my life and place my priorities. I smiled inside even though I know I was a bit lost. I need to back myself up, I know I have Him and I have my number one supporter with me. It took times to search my lost soul. I was not in peace. But now Alhamdulillah I earn it bits by bits.

I'm blissful to get a chance to join other hijabers. It's just that I wish to give some words to some of you.

Dear sisters,

Wearing hijab makes you a better person. But it doesn't mean you are better than anyone else. For me, I'm not better than others, but I am a better version of myself. I know some girls who always judge other girls. But, what makes you different when you curse when you speak, you show you feet (aurah) when you walk outside, and you hold hands with your boyfriend? Yet you're still pointing at others' imperfections. Sisters, we are not perfect. I am not perfect.

Every time I saw something less appropriate, it took less than a second I speak to my heart, " Astaghfirullah. I shall not look at other's flaws as I might have more than them, and that might how I used to be." Muhasabah.

You can't judge them. It could lead to "takbur" or "riak". Arrogance. We can advice, but not by throwing hurtful words. Have a sympathy. They might need more love than we do. And there are good Christians, Buddhist; there are good persons out there even though they might hold on different beliefs.

Please.. Before you place your perception onto others you should place it to yourself, before you judge others, you judge yourself. And not only as a hijaber, but as a Muslim use your tongue to say nice words, use your eyes to see beautiful things, take actions that benefit others and pray that your every deed will earn Barakah from Allah S.W.T.

I hope I have delivered well. This is a note to myself too.
I wish all my friends be blessed with health and happiness. Assalamualaikum.

P/s: Now, I don't cry if something hurts me. But my tears drop when good things happen to me and my surroundings. Blessed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yesterday was his first day joining induction program at Petronas Leadership Centre. It's going to be another 13 days if I'm not mistaken. He told me how was his day-1.
They have this ice-breaking session in which it's normal for any company to have it, so he has to tell something about himself; name, where does he live, hobbies etc.

When it comes to his turn, he said one of his hobbies are to accompany me. I think it was kind of sweet when he say that. He said to be with me was kind of adventurous, i don't know what does he meant by that, maybe like we learn new things every time. Maybe.

I'm proud of him. Always. I'm happy to see him happy. :)