Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts of Life

We grew up and we changed.

Before deleting previous entries in this blog, I read through all for one last time. Judging from there, I can't deny I was being pretty immature. But I never blame or regret for who I was before, it made me what I am today. What I have achieved today probably not much but it was enough considering the total efforts I have put into.

I'm just grateful for my people to believe in me, trust me, tolerate with my irrelevant acts, and holds me. I was, being insecure all these while. I used to keep questioning myself why can't I be better than anyone. Why can't I. But it's good to feel insecure sometimes, because if you think you're good enough, perfect, and feel too comfortable, you might end up being arrogant and full of yourself, you think you're right, and tends to forget/ignore what's happening around you. Time goes by and you miss lots of great things. I'm not sure if I was naive, but I'm pretty sure that I don't like to do wrong things that will hurt someone and/or myself. And  anyone who have done wrong towards me, I preferably to let go and give absolute forgiveness because I'm not perfect neither. And sometimes people need more than one chance to make things right. Help them until you feel it's enough.

Being imperfect teach you to improve yourself. Knowing that you're not perfect, every decision you made and every outcome you earned you always know you might or could have done better. I don't like to compare myself with others because no one is superhuman, everyone must be lacking on something. Fret not.


When you're 20, you only know "accounting" and believed it will secure your life and you only walked to the straight path.

When you're 22, it was a roller coaster because you've started struggling to find your own identity. You want something more than what you have learned in school. 

When you're 24, you experienced a major heartbreak, and that's when you found out what you really want to do for yourself. You strut a catwalk, make friends and meet great people. It was okay to make mistakes, it's for you to learn . And you realized who would be there for you.

Now you're 26, you have your own online boutique invested by a good friend and probably another two will be joining. 

You, should be grateful.


I'm happy that I've learned. And I'm still learning. I don't know what will the future bring. But I'm looking forward and enjoy the present moments while it lasts. InsyaAllah, I'll be good. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello, Hi :)


I've been leaving my blog for quite awhile. But everything is good and I'm in a good health. I've deleted many entries recently, because I'm now wearing hijab. Alhamdulillah and I felt happier indeed. I can say I have stopped doing modeling but if it is for Muslimah stuff I probably wouldn't mind to join.

Currently I'm working as a personal account exec for one of Maxis's director but only for two months, as I'm replacing someone who's on maternity leave. And I'm having one subject left for my final semester. So I go to class Monday and work on Tuesday to Friday.

It was Arina's birthday.
Attending Aleena's birthday.
And Acap's birthday!
At the same time, I'm now working hard for my own online boutique, dedicated especially for Muslim girls out there yet wearable for free-hair girls/ladies too. I have named it as "Statuesque Veranda". Feel free to drop to the website but it's still in progress. InsyaAllah it would be more interesting.  It has its own meaning, I love the name very much!  I'm selling ready-made clothing as well as the ones made by myself. Yes you heard me. I'm currently mastering how to make a blouse, it was a thrilling experience and this is my new hobby. Soon I will learn to make dresses, pants, hijab, and more. I learn from books and internet. I thanked my Freedom Fighter buddy, Amir for being my investor, thank you for believing me Amir. I won't let you and us down! And just now I had a short discussion with my friend Hakim who helped me doing business card previously (it is very beautiful and I heard someone request to take my business card as a sample for his/her wedding card. ahha), we talked about the packaging for the apparels because for the time being this is an online business. InsyaAllah if Statuesque Veranda is gonna do well in future, I plan to own my own boutique. Hopefully. Amin.

My new baby.
This is Singer 160 Limited Edition sewing machine.
Vintage look but modernized. Beautiful right?

The first blouse. I made this. :)

Photoshoot-ing with my girlfriend, Lin.
Thank you for the help, babe!
Afiq, as usual he has been super supportive. I am glad and grateful to have him. He is going to meet his future boss this Monday, his application is successful and will be working with Petronas soon. After all the hard work, he really deserve this. 

Attending Elynn's wedding.


Wishing more great things to come and I am more appreciate and cherish my life now. This 24th will be our 2nd anniversary. To be honest we have never celebrated month/anniversary, it was enough to know how far we have reached and how much thoughts we have shared. What I am having now is more than enough. I go to class on Monday and work on the rest of weekdays, I got to spend time with family at night, watching TV while I sew, and I meet him in between. Perfect.

I'm happy to knew I have learned a lot. I'm sure there are things I haven't experience yet and I'm looking forward. Life is too precious to waste. I wanna fill it with positive things.