Friday, January 25, 2013

Hijab, Perception, and Judge

Assalamualaikum my dearest friends,

It is a blessed Friday and I wish all of you in a good health. Thank you Allah for giving me another day to breathe, share and live my life with beloved ones.

I would like to share my thoughts in regards of hijab, perception, and judge. When I started wearing hijab, that's the point I reorganize my life and place my priorities. I smiled inside even though I know I was a bit lost. I need to back myself up, I know I have Him and I have my number one supporter with me. It took times to search my lost soul. I was not in peace. But now Alhamdulillah I earn it bits by bits.

I'm blissful to get a chance to join other hijabers. It's just that I wish to give some words to some of you.

Dear sisters,

Wearing hijab makes you a better person. But it doesn't mean you are better than anyone else. For me, I'm not better than others, but I am a better version of myself. I know some girls who always judge other girls. But, what makes you different when you curse when you speak, you show you feet (aurah) when you walk outside, and you hold hands with your boyfriend? Yet you're still pointing at others' imperfections. Sisters, we are not perfect. I am not perfect.

Every time I saw something less appropriate, it took less than a second I speak to my heart, " Astaghfirullah. I shall not look at other's flaws as I might have more than them, and that might how I used to be." Muhasabah.

You can't judge them. It could lead to "takbur" or "riak". Arrogance. We can advice, but not by throwing hurtful words. Have a sympathy. They might need more love than we do. And there are good Christians, Buddhist; there are good persons out there even though they might hold on different beliefs.

Please.. Before you place your perception onto others you should place it to yourself, before you judge others, you judge yourself. And not only as a hijaber, but as a Muslim use your tongue to say nice words, use your eyes to see beautiful things, take actions that benefit others and pray that your every deed will earn Barakah from Allah S.W.T.

I hope I have delivered well. This is a note to myself too.
I wish all my friends be blessed with health and happiness. Assalamualaikum.

P/s: Now, I don't cry if something hurts me. But my tears drop when good things happen to me and my surroundings. Blessed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yesterday was his first day joining induction program at Petronas Leadership Centre. It's going to be another 13 days if I'm not mistaken. He told me how was his day-1.
They have this ice-breaking session in which it's normal for any company to have it, so he has to tell something about himself; name, where does he live, hobbies etc.

When it comes to his turn, he said one of his hobbies are to accompany me. I think it was kind of sweet when he say that. He said to be with me was kind of adventurous, i don't know what does he meant by that, maybe like we learn new things every time. Maybe.

I'm proud of him. Always. I'm happy to see him happy. :)