Monday, March 25, 2013

Hellooo :)


Sebulan sekali je ber-blog ni. Rajin ke orang ber-blog sekarang ni? As usual I was pretty busy with my day routines. Alhamdulillah Statuesque Veranda berkembang dari sehari ke sehari. I know how to make jubahs, skirts, and dresses now. I'm so happy. Baru pagi tadi test buat cardigan. It turned out, just okay since the fabric was like has a bit transparency. I wore a dress with a cardigan today, attended a birthday gathering at Seoul Garden, Paradigm mall.

This is the dress I made for myself. Not for sale. I did some gathers on waist because I love flares. The top was quite simple since I wear hijab so it's not necessarily to add many designs but perhaps, in future I might add it just for self-satisfactions.

I've been socializing with my favorite Singer 160 machine and sometimes I even talk alone. Sewing is fun! But I know i have to balance with real world definitely. 

Last month was my birthday, and Afiq made a post-birthday gathering for me at Bubba Gump, The Curve. I really appreciates everything he does for me. I got a Fujifilm Piano Black 50s as a birthday present. Deeply madly in love with it.

Thanks love! :)

Life so far was really great. I'm happy for what I'm having now. Afiq had been better and better for me and I just wish I could do the same for him. He is the best, best friend in the world. Who doesn't love a guy whose willing to spend time with you to do your thing? Eh not willing, but interested to spend time with you. He was there, every time. He knows everything about my sewing stuff, what I like, and what I looking forward to buy. He is very special to me. Okay enough about him, some things are meant to keep to myself. he he.

Last but not least, get yourself a copy of Hijabista April 2013. I was in it. Ecece. Well I did it for fun and not so active anymore compared to last time.

Hijabista April 2013

By the way, feel free to browse our website at to see our products! I made pretty and practical designs and good quality apparels. Till then :))


napsterrebellyle said...

keep it up the good work sis! and one day, i will asked you to sew my jubah. can aa?

Neera Ramdzan said...

Thank youuuu. Ehh mesti la boleh! nanti apa2 pm k ;)

petite girl said...

woahhh. prettyyyy. jaw dropping!