Friday, April 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum & Hello! 

 I've been working on new jubahs, dresses, and a baju kurung. Some of it are under Statuesque Veranda. Quite tiring to do all alone but we'll see if I can get people to help me. By the way, I've changed my blog's url to Sew Buxom! It was inspired by a sewist blogger "Sew What"(sounds like "so what" right?) . Apparently, all the words I have tried; Sew Gorgeous, Sew Beautiful, Sew Happy, Sew Awesome, Sew Amazing, Sew Yummy, Sew Marvelous, Sew Pretty, Sew Lucky, Sew Geek, Sew Nerd, Sew Freak, Is That Sew, Sew Tempting, and so forth. And I actually ended up choosing "Sew Cliche" because everyone are using "Sew ....". Hah! It was taken too. You can try if you want to. So, "Buxom" means... (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively. Yeayyurs! Hmm. I think I've been a "sewist-holic". And now the purpose of having this blog is to share my collections and passions. But I've been making for others and I haven't since get my time to make mine. Maybe.. this weekend? I would like to share what I've made since last week. 

 #1 Basic Jubah with Border Lace


I made this for a girl named Mareena. This is in amaranth pink, a jubah with princess seam. You love it?

#2 Basic Jubah in Dark Turquoise

This is my friend Kim. Yes it is almost similar as above except this comes with no laces. For Basic Jubah I provide a button and a 10 inches zipper on the sleeves, and hidden pockets on both sides.

#3 Jubah with Laces

This is for Dinat (right). The design are the same as #1, but I'm using her material except laces to make this.

#4 A Lovely Dress for Arina

Arina is a girlfriend of my partner in Statuesque Veranda. He wants to give her something for their anniversary and asked me to make a dress for her. This is my first attempt to make a different style of dress. This is a combination of knit and chiffon fabric. The color of both are slightly different but when combine, it made a really beautiful color. Usually, I follow the standard size to make clothes for my customers. Like S, M, L, and etc. But I have to make a little adjustment on the measurement to match with Arina's body size. It was difficult at first, but I'm glad I made it. This is a princess seam dress, and I made a full circle skirt on the bottom part. I was thinking to produce circle skirts soon, but the costs are quite high. It uses more length of fabrics comparing to normal, flare, skirts. 

#5 A Princess Seam Baju Kurung

This is for Seri. A repeat order from her. I made her an SV Signature Jubah previously. She really loved it. I'm happy!

#6 A Jubah for my aunt, Tila.

What you see is unfinished jubah, because when I take this picture I haven't finish doing the neck and hemline. Tila wanted a jubah with no darts and she asked me to make bishop sleeves with 5 inches cuff and laces. 

And #7 A Simple Cardigan

In the previous post, I shared with you the dress I made for myself. Well this is the cardigan! I'm using knit fabric to make this. 

Okay enough.

What actually makes me happy is when people liked and loved what I have made for them. I feel appreciated and it makes me want to do more. And sewing was like a therapy. I feel calm and peace and I spent a lot of time at home. The bad side is I haven't been going out to meet my friends for quite some time. I kind of miss it.

Anyway, I've been learning everything from books and internet. If I have extra cash I would definitely go to class. Maybe not now. 

I would like to get sewist friends from all around the world, to share knowledge and passions. I hope to hear from you soon! I'm still learning to decorate my blog though. I'm so jealous to see other bloggers have a really nice blog. 

Okay, feel free to drop your comment. Much LOVE!

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woahhh, pretty babe! new blog ya? super pretty designs. you really can go further!