Thursday, January 14, 2010

A day out with Afiq, Skin Clinic + Papa Rich, and a VIDEO!!

Yesterday I went to skin clinic in SS15. Thanked God Afiq is available! He is my 'gps'. I memang tak tahu jalan. ;(
So, the doctor's name is Ranjit Singh (a handsome man). He's a specialist in dermatology. If you guys Google his name you'll find lotsa testimonials about his treatment. I think he is specialized in curing body scars, acne scars, hair loss, anti-ageing and lots more. I have a dry skin especially on my both legs that's why I went to see him. Guess what, I have waited for two hours! Giler ramai patients. And guess what again? I had only 10 minutes with him. Tsk tsk ;(

So he recommended this Dermasafe bioglycolic lotion for me to wear after shower and before go to bed. It costs me RM150.00 including the consultation fee. Hopefully it's worth it. Let's see the result after I finish the whole bottle. Oh by the way, the receptionist is beautiful. Melayu okay? ;p
While waiting for my call, Afiq dengan rela hati menambah-nambah dosa dia dengan mengutuk patient yang datang. Dagu senget la pipi botox la apa lagi Afiq? I know you're hungry. And I wore my new contact lens while waiting (sempat lagi), how could he say I looks annoying he can't even look into my eyes. Afiq, you're annoy-er!

So after that, we had our lunches, I repeat, our LUNCHES at six o'clock in the evening. Serious perut dah nyanyi lagu Black Eyed Peas. We went to Papa Rich Sunway Pyramid and had our nice meals yow. It's only RM32.45 for two persons. I know Cyber got ones which is near to the Petronas petrol station but I never been there. Maybe someday.

Anyway Afiq, thanks for the ride. Thanks for being my gps and the reason I'm willing to hear you mumbling is because I taknak-kena-kick-out of your car. Ahha joking. Well about the 'thanks' I meant it okay? You've helped me much in finding Fiz's presents and lots more. You're such a supportive friend indeed. Thanks!
Siapa nak kenal Afiq, pm me! He has been single for 5 years, it's time to find someone in 2010. But plastic, spastic, adalah tidak digalakkan. Harap maklum.

Oooww look what I got here. A VIDEO! Lama giler tak upload video kan? CheckitOut!


Anonymous said...

nice video..
good fren..


Farra Muneera said...

qq: Thank You!! ;)