Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yesterday was his first day joining induction program at Petronas Leadership Centre. It's going to be another 13 days if I'm not mistaken. He told me how was his day-1.
They have this ice-breaking session in which it's normal for any company to have it, so he has to tell something about himself; name, where does he live, hobbies etc.

When it comes to his turn, he said one of his hobbies are to accompany me. I think it was kind of sweet when he say that. He said to be with me was kind of adventurous, i don't know what does he meant by that, maybe like we learn new things every time. Maybe.

I'm proud of him. Always. I'm happy to see him happy. :)


iamhoneyzz said...

Hi Neera, so sweet of him and for you too..can't wait to hear the very good news from both of u. <3!

Neera Ramdzan said...

Thank you honey.. Inshaa Allah soon. Ada rezeki nanti. Doa-doakan. :)